Public Chess Club

Kulturhuset, Stockholm
During our research of the House of Culture we discovered the endless possibilities of the symbolic chess corner, that has been a part of the building since the mid-seventies. With really no prior experience of chess, we went to the corner to interact with the regulars and learn how to play. Almost immediately we understood that there was a great potential in meeting new people of different cultures over a simple game of chess. The main purpose of the community is to simplify and make it more open for all the first-timers that also wants to sit down for a game of chess.

Welcome to the community of 8X8, where everyone is a member. In order to become an active member and to get full access to the community please visit the correct coordinates of the House of Culture.

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   Art Direction, Design, Copy

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   Tilda Ragnartz

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   Digitala Guider
   Våning 03, Kulturhuset

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